I’m Corey Jones, an accomplished artist, interactive designer, and branding specialist, boasting a remarkable 16-year journey in the creative field. My expertise spans diverse sectors, encompassing print, web, animation, and motion design. Notably, I was the lead designer for two Webby Award-winning website for the Smithsonian National African American Museum of History & Culture. Currently, I’m the Creative Director at Forum One, where I lead a team of top-notch designers.

My passion is design, and I’m deeply committed to nurturing diversity within the arts. If you’re intrigued by my work, explore my artistic creations at
Corey Jones Art.

Features & Interviews

You can also catch me engaging in insightful conversations
on my YouTube channel, where my co-host Joey Tackett and I explore creativity, mentorship, and inspiration.

Checkout my amazing chat with Maurice Cherry on the Revision Path Podcast! 

Revision Path™ celebrates Black creatives globally, and it’s an honor to be part of it. Plus, it’s in the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture’s permanent archive!

I’ve had the privilege of mentoring numerous students and participating as a featured guest on prestigious platforms like Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies’ Series In Focus | Digital Design on YouTube. This experience has enriched my knowledge and allowed me to share valuable insights in the realm of digital design and mentorship.”

Don’t miss my previous feature on the Diversity & Inclusion podcast! Host Njoroge Mungai is dedicated to honoring creatives from diverse backgrounds, and I’m excited to have been part of the conversation.