Simmons Talks

My work with the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture  (NMAAHC) Simmons Talks series was a dream come true: an opportunity to put passion behind a design that I believe in and honor the work of others who inspire me.

Project Overview

Branding Design
Motion Graphics
Design system
Digital Design

Anthem Awards 2022


Recap of an Unforgettable Live Event!

During this incredible event, we collaborated with NMAAHC to enhance their planned run-of-show. The evening featured captivating live music by Nova Y. Payton and her accompanist, setting the perfect tone for the talk. Our video introductions incorporated dynamic graphics and text to engage the audience, creating a theater-like atmosphere. Don’t miss this extraordinary experience! Watch the event on YouTube now for an immersive journey into history and culture. Watch the live event recording below: